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A moody black and white render of SEE MONSTER, rising up over the Tropicana's sea wall. A young girl chases her dog on the beach below.
News 30 Mar 22

Living with the Monster

After a lifetime weathering the stormy seas, SEE MONSTER will be reborn at shore this summer. What will it be like to live with a Monster?

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A render of SEE MONSTER’s garden lab, where visitors enjoying the natural surroundings, and a large cone-shaped ‘solar tree’, and example of renewable energy technology.
Interview 28 Feb 22

Discover our Garden Lab with Peter Beardsley

We talk to Landscape Designer, Peter Beadsley, about how to plan appropriately for the extreme conditions on deck.

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An accurate, to-scale render of SEE MONSTER, which can be seen towering over crowds inside the Tropicana. The yellow structure is complete with a waterfall and trees.
News 18 Feb 22

Weston-super-Mare prepares to welcome SEE MONSTER

SEE MONSTER will arrive in its new habitat on Weston-super-Mare’s seafront this summer.

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Looking up at the corner of an offshore platform, with yellow steel bars criss-crossing and a safety net stretching up and out from the structure. The sky is blue behind.
News 14 Jan 22

Welcome to The Year of the Monster

It’s 2022, and the Monster is awakening… This January marks the very beginning of our journey from sea to shore.

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