Natural History Museum Takeover

Panel Discussion: Resourcing the Green Economy

This panel discussion focusses on the long term goal of creating a self-sustaining circular economy. How far can we repurpose and reuse minerals and technology to power green energy, while reducing consumption and recycling waste? How far along are we in the journey to a zero-waste future and how can we ensure resourcing the shift, including further mineral mining, is done in the most environmentally responsible way?

Studio Discussion: Two Generations on a Sustainable Future

What can we learn from a conversation between a young climate activist and a scientist from the Natural History Museum? Capturing perspectives, this is a discussion between local environmentalist Archie Matthews, representing Weston-super-Mare's Climate Justice Revolution and Professor Richard Herrington, a Natural History Museum scientist working towards a low-carbon future. Find out what solutions they envision to create a more sustainable world.