The Land Art Generator Initiative Art & Energy Challenge

Can renewable energy technologies become a part of the Weston-super-Mare beach experience?

The LAGI SEE MONSTER Art & Energy Challenge invites students to design a renewable energy artwork that provides clean electricity to the historic Tropicana at the beach.

The LAGI SEE MONSTER Art & Energy Challenge is a chance for students to put their design and technology knowledge and skills to the test!

Students age 12 to 18 are invited to imagine a iconic work of public art for the Weston-super-Mare seaside that uses renewable energy technology as the medium for the art.

We provide a Toolkit that guides you through the design process step by step. The LAGI Toolkit has been created in partnership with teachers, and has links to Design and Technology / Science and Technology / Technologies. It also draws on students’ science and geography learning and their artistic and creative writing skills.

A render of SEE MONSTER’s garden lab, where visitors enjoying the natural surroundings, and a large cone-shaped ‘solar tree’, and example of renewable energy technology.

This challenge is all about big and bold ideas!


Don’t feel too constrained (nothing is being constructed), but you should abide by the laws of physics (no levitating solar panels), and your renewable energy design should be based on technologies that have been tested (no perpetual motion machines, please!).

If your idea meets the design guidelines, it may be selected to be part of an exhibition on the Land Art Generator Initiative website.

The project is a partnership between the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) and NEWSUBSTANCE (creator of SEE MONSTER, part of UNBOXED UK), with support from EVERFI.

What we’re looking for

Your clean energy-generating artwork concept should:

  • Use proven clean energy technology to generate electricity.
  • Bring new visitors to the Weston-super-Mare seafront.
  • Communicate a message or an important story to visitors.
  • Be timeless, beautiful, and in harmony with nature.

Head to LAGi’s website to take part, and to access the full toolkit: