An accurate, to-scale render of SEE MONSTER, which can be seen towering over crowds inside the Tropicana. The yellow structure is complete with a waterfall and trees.

Weston-super-Mare prepares to welcome SEE MONSTER

News 18 Feb 22

SEE MONSTER will arrive in its new habitat on Weston-super-Mare’s seafront this summer.

Up until now, sightings of SEE MONSTER have been scarce…

It has been revealed that the beast will arrive this summer at its new habitat on Weston-super-Mare’s seafront. Visitors will encounter the sheer magnitude of its transformation: from the cavernous underbelly and shimmering silver scales to the tangled treetops above.

Towering 35 metres in the air, SEE MONSTER will form the highest viewing point along the South West coast of England.

Following the granting of planning permission, we can confirm that preparations for the arrival of this unique large-scale public artwork will begin on Tuesday, 8 March, 2022.

SEE MONSTER is one of ten major creative projects commissioned by UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK, a celebration of creativity taking place across the nation in 2022, designed to reach millions and bring people together.

A render of SEE MONSTER’s garden lab, where visitors enjoying the natural surroundings, and a large cone-shaped ‘solar tree’, and example of renewable energy technology.
A render of SEE MONSTER’s garden lab

The Garden Lab

From towering trees to grass-laden clearings, SEE MONSTER’s Garden Lab is a space where visitors can take respite, sheltering from the crash of the waterfall and the clamour of the crowds below. The green utopia will be curated by leading Landscape Designer Peter Beardsley.

“I have more than twenty years’ experience of garden design, but SEE MONSTER is a particularly special adventure in plantsmanship and sorcery. We’re curating a diverse selection of trees that will fight the winds and storms, from semi-mature trees and shrubs, to a thousand perennials & grasses.

Silhouette is really important and we want to express a shape that bristles in the way a natural island would be colonised; often top heavy and windswept.”

Within the wild garden you will find hidden routes to explore the rehabilitated Monster, and embedded throughout will be new approaches to a more sustainable and greener future. 

To read the full interview with Peter Beardsley, click here. 

Creative Associate Ollie Howitt smiles as she looks at plans for SEE MONSTER.
Creative Associate Ollie Howitt and Artistic Director Patrick O’Mahony, NEWSUBSTANCE.

Making a Monster

Want to meet the team responsible for making the Monster? This month, street journalists and videographers DOSE of Society have been spotlighting the creative minds working behind the scenes to bring the Monster to life. In our latest video, Creative Associate Ollie Howitt explains how SEE MONSTER is being designed with accessibility in mind, from handrails, ramped floors, tactiles and a lift, to ensuring the Monster’s grated floors are suitable for guide dogs.

Watch the video on Instagram here.


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