Accessibility has been considered at every stage of the design process, to make SEE MONSTER an equally exciting experience for everyone who visits.

Will there be quiet sessions?

Yes, we will be hosting quiet sessions on 29 September and 6 October at 9 – 10am.

Will there be accessible parking close to the venue?

There are disabled parking spaces near to the venue. There will also be a drop-off point. Click here for a map.

Will there be a viewing platform suitable for wheelchair users?

Yes. This is open to the public now.

Is SEE MONSTER wheelchair accessible?

Visitors will be able to access the monster in a wheelchair or motorised wheelchair, but we will not be able to accommodate mobility scooters. We have wheelchairs which will be provided to those who require one. Four wheelchairs will be able to access the monster at any one time.

Will there be a Priority Access queue for wheelchair users?

Yes, there will be a priority queue for wheelchair users.

If you have mobility issues or have a condition that means you cannot stand for long periods of time, please speak to a member of security. We will try to get you access without queuing but this is dependent on how busy we are – we ask that you remain patient while we do our best to accommodate.

Will there be step-free access?

SEE MONSTER will offer step-free access via lifts, ramps and walkways. Please note that there is an open grated floor.

Will there be lifts to all floors?


Will there be accessible toilets?

Yes, there are accessible toilets and there will be a changing area. Click here for a map.

Will there be a quiet room?

There will be opportunities to visit SEE MONSTER during quiet sessions, and quiet space can be provided if required.

Will there be a hearing loop or equivalent?

No, a hearing loop will not be required.

Is the event audio described, subtitled or BSL interpreted?

Live hosts will describe the space and its experiences.

BSL: here will be special BSL sessions on the following dates:

11 October: 9am – 10am & 10.30am – 11.30am
18 October: 2pm – 3pm & 3.30pm – 4.30pm
25 October: 2pm – 3pm & 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Please contact us if this is of interest at This is a limited service, so contacting us 48 hours prior to your visit is required.

Are assistance dogs welcome? Will there be a water available for them?

Yes, registered assistance dogs are welcome. Should they require water at any point during your visit, please communicate this to a member of staff.

Is there an accessible café or restaurant nearby?

Yes, there are two accessible establishments nearby.

Can visitors go into the water around SEE MONSTER?

Visitors will not be allowed to enter the water around the monster.

Is SEE MONSTER suitable for someone with photosensitive epilepsy?

The installation does contain flashing at night which could trigger photosensitive epilepsy.

What advice is there for people with sensory needs?

We expect the area around SEE MONSTER to be very busy. Once inside the Tropicana venue, the sound of the waterfall and the kinetic skin will be very loud. There is a digital 360 platform on the website where you can explore the monster virtually before visiting. There are also quieter sessions on the platform, please contact us for more information.

What other accessibility features does SEE MONSTER have?

SEE MONSTER has tactiles to signal stairs, and handrails throughout the entire structure. The walkway is smooth surfaced, and there is step free access. There is an audio description system installed in the Ground Level disabled toilet, which will describe the layout of the room.

What is the appropriate dress code?

No heels will be permitted on the platform, due to an open-grate floor. Bag searches will be conducted.

Is there an audio guide?

Access and download our Audio Tour which will take you through the journey of SEE MONSTER, from the Ground Level, through the underbelly of the Cellar Deck, up to the Garden Lab and onto the Helideck, the highest point of the monster.