Accessibility has been considered at every stage of the design process, to make SEE MONSTER an equally exciting experience for everyone who visits.

Will there be accessible parking close to the venue?

There are six accessible spaces outside the venue and many more in town. There will also be a drop-off point.

Will there be step-free access?

SEE MONSTER will offer step-free access via lifts, ramps and walkways. Please note that there is an open grated floor.

Will there be lifts to all floors?


Will there be a viewing platform suitable for wheelchair users?


Will there be accessible toilets?

Yes, there are accessible toilets and there will be a changing area.

Will there be a quiet room?

There will be opportunities to visit SEE MONSTER during quite sessions, and quiet space can be provided if required.

Will there be a hearing loop or equivalent?

No, a hearing loop will not be required.

Is the event audio described, subtitled or BSL interpreted?

Live hosts will describe the space and its experiences.

Are assistance dogs welcome? Will there be a water available for them?

Yes assistance dogs and guide dogs are very welcome. Should they require water at any point during your visit, please communicate this to a member of staff.

Is there an accessible café or restaurant nearby?

Yes, there are two accessible establishments nearby.

Can visitors go into the water around SEE MONSTER?

Visitors will not be allowed to enter the water around the Monster.

Is SEE MONSTER wheelchair accessible?

Visitors will be able to access the platform in a wheelchair or motorised wheelchair, but we will not be able to accommodate mobility scooters. Wheelchairs will be provided to those who require one.

Is SEE MONSTER suitable for those who are hard of hearing or deaf?

The installation is predominantly visual, and has been designed to be enjoyed with or without audio. Our live hosts will assist you and offer further information as required.

Is SEE MONSTER suitable for someone with photosensitive epilepsy?

The installation does contain flashing lights which could trigger photosensitive epilepsy.

What advice is there for people with sensory needs?

We expect the area around SEE MONSTER to be very busy. Please contact us for advice.

What other accessibility features does SEE MONSTER have?

SEE MONSTER has tactile floor bumps for those who are blind or hard of sight. An audio system is in place in the toilets so that surfaces do not need to be touched.

What is the appropriate dress code?

No heels will be permitted on the platform, due to an open-grate floor. Bag searches will be conducted.