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News 30 May 22

SEE MONSTER has launched a dedicated education and learning programme that will encourage pupils of all ages and abilities to consider the big questions.

What do we do with the structures we inherit? How do they play a part in our lives? What effect does the British weather have on our coastlines?

Accessible online via SEE MONSTER’s website, our free programme is tailored to schools and alternative learning settings across the UK, closely mirroring the national curriculum as guided by our expert team of education consultants.

Filled with resources that focus on STEAM subjects, the climate, and the environment, the materials are designed to help with both hard and soft skills, which are an integral part of today’s classroom.

Think you could imagine your own energy-inspired artwork for the seafront? Look no further than our Art & Energy challenge, presented in partnership with leading renewable energy enterprise, Land Art Generator Initiative.

Hoping to stage a science experiment? Follow our interactive lesson plan to construct a rain gauge, or to become a weather presenter for the day.

Looking for your first job? Why not join a live discussion with one of SEE MONSTER’s accomplished board members, or watch our pre-recorded videos from business owners across North Somerset as they reveal what skills they look for in potential employees.

Our education and learning resources are part of UNBOXED’s UK-wide learning programme, which will offer hundreds of lesson plans, workshops and school trips throughout 2022, aimed at building on hard and soft skills and encouraging engagement with STEAM.

To access SEE MONSTER’s education and learning resources, click here.

Volunteers take to Weston's beach, wearing high vis jackets.

Be part of the story. Volunteer with us.

Do you want to get involved with SEE MONSTER, but don’t want to commit full time? From the very start of SEE MONSTER’s journey, we have been overwhelmed by offers of help and support from the local community.

We are pleased to share a number of new volunteering opportunities that will be open to individuals in North Somerset, from administrative duties and welfare, to hands-on help. The volunteer programme is spearheaded by Voluntary Action North Somerset (VANS), an independent charity that has championed the voluntary sector and volunteering across North Somerset for over 22 years.

Working closely with all of us at NEWSUBSTANCE, and in parallel with our partners North Somerset Council and UNBOXED, our volunteers will gain a first-hand insight into the inner workings of the UK events industry.

A project of this magnitude requires the experience of people from a wide range of backgrounds and skill-sets, and as one of our volunteers you will be guaranteed to meet a large pool of people involved with the project. Most of all, we hope you’ll make many meaningful friendships along the way, and that you’ll have fun!

To learn more, visit Voluntary Action North Somerset here.

SEE MONSTER is employing and paying a range of workers at all levels of this project, both on full and part time bases. We are also offering people the opportunity to volunteer should they have the time available to offer, and the desire to be involved, either to gain experience, to learn or just to have fun! All training will be provided.


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